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                Contact Us

                Company name: Jiangsu REK High-tech Materials Co.,Ltd

                Address:No. 62 YuLan Avenue ,Economic Development Zone,XuYi,JiangSu Province.

                Tel: 400-600-3788

                Contact person:Manager Wang

                Website: www.data4voip.com

                E-Mail: jsreksales@jsrek.com

                Company’s Principle: Honest operation and human-oriented.

                Company’s Spirit: Pioneering and innovative, dedicated to do the best!

                Company’s Values: loyalty, responsibility, gratitude!

                Code of Conduct :Work Efficiently, Act politely.  

                To be modest and honest,. Painstaking efforts.

                Management Principle:

                1、Customers foremost, service first, quality oriented, characteristic as the soul;

                2、Management first, business later, continuous improvement ,sustaining optimization;

                3、Reality, actuality, practicality, effectiveness;

                4、To pursue steady development, sustainable management;

                5、Regard brand concept as a whole, brand establishment as the highest goal.


                Company Goal:

                Create a national famous brand of fibre materials, and become the largest suppliers of the specified non-asbestos frictional fibre materials in China !

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