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                Contact Us

                Company name: Jiangsu REK High-tech Materials Co.,Ltd

                Address:No. 62 YuLan Avenue ,Economic Development Zone,XuYi,JiangSu Province.

                Tel: 400-600-3788

                Contact person:Manager Wang

                Website: www.data4voip.com

                E-Mail: jsreksales@jsrek.com

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                Job Title:Forklift industry
                Position Type:全職
                Work experience: 3年以上
                Job description
                1, responsible for the normal operation of the forklift truck;
                2, regular maintenance of vehicles;
                3, responsible for the vehicle cleaning;
                4, complete the temporary task.
                Recruitment requirements
                1, more than 3 years experience in forklift truck operation, high school culture, forklift, forklift driving experience in operation, a forklift truck operation certificate; 2, have certain mechanical maintenance and safety knowledge; 3, healthy, responsibility heart is strong, can bear hardships and stand hard work, to night shifts, overtime; 4, honest, pragmatic, work active.
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