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                Contact Us

                Company name: Jiangsu REK High-tech Materials Co.,Ltd

                Address:No. 62 YuLan Avenue ,Economic Development Zone,XuYi,JiangSu Province.

                Tel: 400-600-3788

                Contact person:Manager Wang

                Website: www.data4voip.com

                E-Mail: jsreksales@jsrek.com

                Job Application
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                Job Title:Sales manager
                Position Type:全職
                Work experience: 2年以上
                Job description
                The company has sales offices in Nanjing, sales manager of several, and strive to develop more market resources.
                Recruitment requirements
                With good sales and more than two years working experience in sales team management concepts, or more than one year experience in sales management work a strong sense of responsibility, can work under pressure.
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